how to : : tying a gift bow


Though I don’t think everything in gift wrapping has to be “perfect” a nice symmetrical bow is a great way to finish off wrapping a present.

The following illustrates how I tie my bows.
I spliced together two different color ribbons in an effort to make the process easier to visualize.
plus it makes a kinda cool bow!!




1. the green ribbon coming from the right goes above the blue ribbon coming from the left

2. then bottom blue  ribbon loops over and under the top green ribbon

3. make a loop with the bottom blue ribbon






STEPS 7-11


1. flip bottom blue loop up and to the left

2. bring upper green piece of ribbon over and around the blue loop

3. pull the green loop through






STEPS 12-13


1. tighten the bow

2. trim off the two ends







If you want a bow without loops continue by pulling
out the tails.

I use this kind of bow all the time.