about me


Susan Petty
I was raised in Wisconsin and have lived in Norway, Singapore and London, and now live in Houston, Texas. I studied and worked as a geologist – but threw it all away for graphic design and calligraphy – and went on to receive my diploma in Typographic Design from the London College of Printing.


I started creative gift wrapping about 20 years ago. My children would start an art project, lose interest after 5 minutes, and leave behind pots of paint. I couldn’t stand seeing it all go to waste so, I started to paint scrap paper and use it for gift wrapping.

Over the years I’ve accumulated many photographs of my gifts wrapped in my hand painted wrapping paper. decided to create a website to share my archive of images. Wrapism is my way of sharing my ideas and pictures with others who enjoy wrapping gifts.

… and perhaps find a publisher willing to work with me to create a book based on my designs.

I’m also available for private commissions (window displays, catalogues etc)

and would love to do gift wrapping workshops and demonstrations.

Check out the article about me in the Houston Chronicle. It includes a video of the chocolate bar wrap.

Have fun clicking around!!