assemblage : : suzanne


Suzanne’s my buddy.
We met at an exercise class in Oslo, Norway in the 80s and have been friends ever since. So, I made a big deal of her 50th. Anything for an excuse to do some crazy wrapping.


I found this metal heart at a museum gift shop. Suzanne hosts a Valentine making party every year for her friends so, it was a perfect gift. The wired heart ribbon came from Ikea.


My signature move… taping ribbon inside the pleats. I have a lot of foam letter stamps.



  1. mix orange and bronze metallic tempera paint
  2. paint in stripes in two directions
  3. cut paper and lay the gift at an angle
  4. fold in sides
  5. wrap paper around gift
  6. fix underneath with double sided tape
  7. cut out little heart on flap with heart punch